Here are some photos from my last trip to Finland! My grandma and I went with the ferry, such a different and fun way to travel as well. Even though the old ferry on our way there wasn’t as great as the one our back home. It sure didn’t matter, because we had a window! So we could see all the small islands from the bed. All in all the trip was really great and relaxing. Can’t believe that’s probably the last time I’m going to that summerhouse. I have had so many great trip up there and it’s always refreshing to go there and not having to think about anything, than what to eat later lol.

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Which To Choose?

I found these two really cool t-shirts by Zara that was even on sale (10£, insane right) and of course I couldn’t really figure out which one to pic. So I choose to let them be and sleep on it. Which kind of worked, I’m going for the one with the yellow print. It looked so cool with my white glasses and it would look even better with my new bomber jacket (post here) and on top of that add some print and colour to my wardrobe. Which one would you suggest?

Untitled Exportniimaboaiador3rrrrriiijjjjjnnnrrrppniimaboaiadorebeautyflorence9Au Revoir, peepz!


Rue Oxford Circus

It so hot over here in UK, so my trip to Oxford Circus was a short visit to another day. I will talk to you guys later, now I’m going to help my cousin and her friend with barbequing.

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Shirt By Weekday//Shorts By Levis//Shoes Bye New Look//

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Medusa Buckle Back Pack

Damn I need a back pack and I wouldn’t mind getting this beautiful Versace back pack. The simplicity and gold is just up in my alley. One of my missions here in London is actually finding an exact same back pack, of course in a cheaper price range. So I will definitely be looking intense.

10719916_3571377_1000niimaboaiadoebeautyfashionbloggermedusabucklebagpackloveYou Can Find The Bag Pack Here

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