Get The Look: Rihanna Attending The Red Carpet For MTV Awards

Kimonos are really in right now and I’m just loving the trend. Especially how Rihannas stylist styled her with a corset bodysuit, lots of rings and nude heels. A little bit slutty look with class. Besides the clothing, I like the way how the hair is curled and set up. The make up looks flawless and the eye shadows compliments the bodysuit so well. A thing to remember trying to achieve this look is the choice of color. A look like this should be worn with light colored fabric, for that goddess look.

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Asos Sale Up To 70% Off||The Best

I love when there are sales. I always feel like everything there is in the sale section, is just up in my alley. Probably because most of the things, that are on sale, are the special pieces. That average person wouldn’t buy. Which is totally fine with me.  Asos has a sale now up to 70% off, which is to good to be true. Especially some of the things, really doesn’t make any sense why they are not sold out by now, just to mention few for example the black boots or the blue and white clutch. For me those are stuff that I would die for…. I’m trying to buy more colorful clothing and accessories for myself. Even though I love black and white, I need to have some more colour. So I choose some colorful bags and shoes. That would look really good for autumn and for summer next year. If you have the patience lol.

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The weather is not getting any hotter, but that’s okay. I personally think that sunglasses should be able to be worn in the winter time. Instead of being used for the protection of the sun, they are just a accessory. Giving the look more attitude and a cool detail. I found some wayfarer sunglasses that I personally like. My favourites are definitely the orange ones, especially when the snow has landed and the sun is a bit out. I could just imagine them having a really nice reflection. You Can Find Their Glasses Here, For Men Here And For Women Here.

s394-1niimaboaiadorebeautyfashionbloggerbeautybloggerbloggarbloguerdanmarksstørstemodebloggerdanmarkstørsteblogger copyAu Revoir, peepz!


Here is my new bomber jacket called Ma1,  that I bought back in July, but haven’t been able to wear it before now. The weather has been insanely hot. But it was perfect for todays weather. As you can see, I combined the look with almost all black clothing, except my cap and shorts. I haven’t worn these accessories for a while, because they are so awkward to wear. You literally can’t do anything with your hands. But today was the day I had to wear them.


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